These recordings were made for the Pittsburgh Speech
and Society Project, directed by Professor Barbara Johnstone of the Department of English at Carnegie Mellon University and Professor Scott F. Kiesling of the Department of Linguistics at the University of Pittsburgh. Between 2003 and 2007, people from four Pittsburgh-area
neighborhoods were interviewed for the project,
a sociolinguistic study of Pittsburgh speech. These conversational interviews were based on an interview protocol that was designed to elicit people’s most unselfconscious interview speech as well as to find out about their social and economic lives and their attitudes about Pittsburgh and the local dialect. The people whose interviews are part of this collection agreed,in writing, to have these recordings archived, under their real names. The consent forms they signed are on file in the Archives Service Center, University Library System, University of Pittsburgh where the permanent audio collection resides.

Baltimore, Terri Hamilton, Colleen
Barton, Thomas and Rosemary Hartman, John
Becer, Allan Hill, Gloria
Broge, Maureen Hines, Joseph & Nellie
Cherry, Dicken Jackson, Edwin
Collins, Cynthia Johnson, Alex
Conley, Eric Leisie, Frank
Coy, Irma Leisie, Matthew Frank
Delaney, Kelly Montague, Joelle
Dickey, Stephanie Nevel, Sandra & Ron
Estep, Mary & Sharpe, Lois Nicholls, John
Evans, Betty Pitard, Derrick and Elizabeth
Evans, Marcy Placone, Ronald and Dorothy
Evans-Potter, Gail Placone, Ronald Jr
Fletcher, Linda Pressman, Janice
Folan, Maggie Roche, Karen
Folan, Sally Schwartz, Walter
Franciscus, Wilfred Trenz, John
Fuchs, Derek Wudarczyk, Jude
Gallagher, Lisa Young, Demetrius
Gast, Mary & Robert Young, Mary
Glasser, Jamie Young-Coleman, Stacey
Gormley, Ken Zielmanksi, Barbara
Green, Kevin


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