"Bringing the Word Straight to You"

Podcasts from the Pittsburgh Speech and Society Project (mp3)

Producer and Director:
Barbara Johnstone
Assistant Director:
Thomas D. Mitchell
Dan Baumgardt

Dan Baumgardt, Barbara Johnstone
Audio Producer:
Don Neumuller
Audio Production Assistant:
Barbara R. Neumuller
Allan Becer, Kelly B. Delaney, Barbara Johnstone,
Scott F. Kiesling, Connie Placone, and other participants in the Pittsburgh Speech and Society Project.

The NewLanders, "Run, Johnny, Run," from Where the Allegheny Flows. Used with permission.
From interviews conducted for the Pittsburgh Speech and Society Project. Used with permission.
(Consent forms are on file in the Department of English, Carnegie Mellon University.)

Special thanks to:
• Brian Buttko (Klondikes, Chipped Ham, and Skyscraper Cones:
The Story of Isaly's
. Stackpole Books, 2001)
• Peter Gilmore
• Mark A. Thompson
• Paula Purnell

This project was made possible by: U.S. National Science Foundation Collaborative Research
award nos. BCS0417684 and BCS-0417657

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